Terms and conditions of use and participation

General Terms of Use for Pre-Orders via the Internet
General conditions of participation for the Heinemann & Me programme

General Terms of Use for Pre-Orders via the Internet

1. Scope

Our terms and conditions apply to the processing of sales based on a customer's pre-order via our Internet site www.heinemann-dutyfree.com.

2. Pre-order and Acknowledgement of Receipt

2.1 The customer places a non-binding pre-order via submission to the above-mentioned Internet page. The pre-order represents the customer's request for us to submit a contractual proposal. The customer is not submitting a declaration of agreement.

2.2 For the pre-order, the customer creates a list of items (hereinafter "order data") that he would like to have prepared by the Heinemann Shop (hereinafter "service counter") designated by him for pickup, along with a specific flight (required information: departure airport, departure time and destination airport, hereinafter "travel data")

2.3 The pre-order has to be placed 9 to 24 hours (depending on which airport is chosen) prior to departure in order to be taken into consideration by us.

2.4 The customer will receive an Acknowledgement of Receipt via email, which will confirm the order data, the travel data and service counter and issue an order number. This confirmation is solely for information purposes and does not represent a contractual proposal. It does not represent a guarantee that the pre-ordered items will be available at the service counter for the customer.

3. Binding Offer / Non-availability/ Cancellations/ Changes

3.1 After determining availability and compiling and delivering the items to the service counter, customer will receive a pre-order confirmation via email. The confirmation will contain the order information, the travel data, directions to the service counter and the order number. It also contains our binding offer to sell the listed items to the customer at our service counter. Should the item price be less expensive at the time of pickup than the confirmed item price in the pre-order confirmation, the lower price applies.

3.2 If, upon checking the availability, the desired item is not available, the customer will be informed immediately. Should only some of the pre-ordered items be available, the customer will be issued a binding offer to purchase said items. At the same time, he will be immediately informed that the other items are not available.

3.3 The customer may cancel his pre-order at any time. The cancellation will be confirmed by us via email. The pre-order may also be changed after being submitted up to 24 hours prior to departure. In this case, we will make every effort to make the changed items available at the time of pickup. In this case, however, we cannot issue a binding commitment due to the short time period before departure.

3.4 The customer is in no way obligated to pick up or purchase the pre-ordered item(s). Should the customer not have picked up the item(s) by departure time, the pre-order will be cancelled. Our binding offer will become invalid upon non-pickup by departure time. The customer will be informed immediately regarding the above via email.

4. Conclusion of the Contract

4.1 The contract will come into existence only after the customer has accepted our offer by picking up the ordered item(s) at the service counter.

4.2 The price listed in the pre-order confirmation is due upon picking up the order. Should the item price be lower at the time of pickup than the confirmed item price in the pre-order confirmation, the lower price applies.

5. Registration/ Privacy Policy

The information provided us within the scope of the registration and pre-order are subject to the provisions of our Privacy Policy.

General conditions of participation for the Heinemann & Me programme

The operator and editor of the Heinemann & Me programme is Gebr. Heinemann SE & Co. KG, Koreastraße 3, D-20457 Hamburg, Germany. Headquartered in Hamburg, Germany. Registered in Germany at Hamburg District Court, HRA [Trade & Companies Register Division A] no. 15017. VAT number DE118908680. And hereafter referred to as “Gebr. Heinemann”.

1. Scope of application

By applying to register as a participant in the Heinemann & Me programme, the participant recognizes these general conditions of participation. Any natural person who is 18 or over may participate. Gebr. Heinemann employees and anyone working for Gebr. Heinemann on a short-term basis, such as promoters, are excluded from participating. All airport and airline employees and persons with an airport staff pass are also excluded.

2. Subject matter of the Heinemann & Me programme

The participation in the Heinemann & Me programme is free of charge. Participants in the Heinemann & Me programme receive special benefits when shopping in the stores of Gebr. Heinemann or their associates in the form of discounts or extras, or the benefits of preferential services, information and similar advantages. The individual benefits offered by Gebr. Heinemann and their associates vary locally, are of limited duration and, when taken advantage of, are subject to further conditions. The discounts are personal and are therefore not transferable. Gebr. Heinemann and/or their associates will inform participants of the currently applicable benefits and how to take advantage of them offline or online. The Heinemann & Me card is only valid when signed by the cardholder. This customer card remains the property of Gebr. Heinemann; it is non-transferable and must be returned on termination of the contractual relationship. If the participant uses a service from one of Heinemann & Me's associates, the associate will be the participant’s sole contracting partner in relation to this service and the privilege granted in relation to it. In the event of any defects in the service provided by an associate and the privilege granted in relation to it, the participant will have no claim against Gebr. Heinemann.

3. Changes to the conditions of participation and to added value

Gebr. Heinemann reserves the right to change these general conditions of participation at any time, in particular in order to improve implementation or to prevent abuses. The participant will be informed of any changes to the general conditions of participation in writing. If the participant does not object in writing within six weeks of receipt of the notification or if, after these six weeks, he/she uses his/her customer card, he/she will be deemed to have accepted the changes. Gebr. Heinemann will alert the participant to this separately in the notification of changes to the conditions of participation. Gebr. Heinemann is entitled to change or stop the Heinemann & Me programme if there is a serious reason for doing so.

4. Termination, changes, information

Both the participant and Gebr. Heinemann are entitled at any time to terminate the participant’s membership. Termination must occur in writing (by letter, email or fax) or by phone. Please inform Gebr. Heinemann of changes to the name, address and email address of the participant in writing (letter, email or fax) or by telephone so that we can continue to provide you with the services of the Heinemann & Me programme. For security reasons, we shall only respond to information requests from the participant if these requests are received in writing.

5. Data protection

Market research: The personal information provided by the participant and the information collected as part of participation in the Heinemann & Me programme regarding purchases (the information on the receipt, e.g. payment method, customer number, date, place, type of goods and transaction value of the purchases), regarding the benefits taken advantage of by the participant, if applicable by using partner cards and regarding participation in promotions shall be collected, saved and used by Gebr. Heinemann for the purposes of market research. Participation in the Heinemann & Me programme is unfortunately not possible without agreeing to market research.

Advertising: Gebr. Heinemann uses the information mentioned in the previous paragraph for the purposes of postal advertising and, with separate agreement, email advertising of products, promotional campaigns and offers. Not giving your agreement or revoking your agreement to advertising does not affect participation in the Heinemann & Me programme. Option to revoke agreement: Participation in market research and advertising is voluntary and agreement can be revoked at any time (by writing to: Gebr. Heinemann SE & Co. KG, Service, Postfach 111 661, 20416 Hamburg, or by fax to: 00800 222 44 223 or by email to: service@heinemann-and-me.com or by telephoning 00800 222 44 224).

Data protection notice: The information is processed and used by Gebr. Heinemann and its partners exclusively for the implementation of the individual services of the Heinemann & Me programme; the information is not forwarded to third parties. Upon a written enquiry from the participant, we will be happy to disclose any data that we have saved concerning them. If, despite our endeavours to ensure that the data is accurate, complete and up-to-date, we have stored false information, we shall correct it immediately at the participant’s request.

Valid from 16 January 2014
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