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Terms of use
Conditions of use

General Terms of Use for Pre-Orders via the Internet

1. Scope

Our terms and conditions apply to the processing of sales based on a customer's pre-order via our Internet site

2. Pre-order and Acknowledgement of Receipt

2.1 The customer places a non-binding pre-order via submission to the above-mentioned Internet page. The pre-order represents the customer's request for us to submit a contractual proposal. The customer is not submitting a declaration of agreement.

2.2 For the pre-order, the customer creates a list of items (hereinafter "order data") that he would like to have prepared by the HEINEMANN Shop (hereinafter "service counter") designated by him for pickup, along with a specific flight (required information: departure airport, departure time and destination airport, hereinafter "travel data")

2.3 The pre-order has to be placed 9 to 24 hours (depending on which airport is chosen) prior to departure in order to be taken into consideration by us.

2.4 The customer will receive an Acknowledgement of Receipt via email, which will confirm the order data, the travel data and service counter and issue an order number. This confirmation is solely for information purposes and does not represent a contractual proposal. It does not represent a guarantee that the pre-ordered items will be available at the service counter for the customer.

3. Binding Offer / Non-availability/ Cancellations/ Changes

3.1 After determining availability and compiling and delivering the items to the service counter, customer will receive a pre-order confirmation via email. The confirmation will contain the order information, the travel data, directions to the service counter and the order number. It also contains our binding offer to sell the listed items to the customer at our service counter. Should the item price be less expensive at the time of pickup than the confirmed item price in the pre-order confirmation, the lower price applies.

3.2 If, upon checking the availability, the desired item is not available, the customer will be informed immediately. Should only some of the pre-ordered items be available, the customer will be issued a binding offer to purchase said items. At the same time, he will be immediately informed that the other items are not available.

3.3 The customer may cancel his pre-order at any time. The cancellation will be confirmed by us via email. The pre-order may also be changed after being submitted up to 24 hours prior to departure. In this case, we will make every effort to make the changed items available at the time of pickup. In this case, however, we cannot issue a binding commitment due to the short time period before departure.

3.4 The customer is in no way obligated to pick up or purchase the pre-ordered item(s). Should the customer not have picked up the item(s) by departure time, the pre-order will be cancelled. Our binding offer will become invalid upon non-pickup by departure time. The customer will be informed immediately regarding the above via email.

4. Conclusion of the Contract

4.1 The contract will come into existence only after the customer has accepted our offer by picking up the ordered item(s) at the service counter.

4.2 The price listed in the pre-order confirmation is due upon picking up the order. Should the item price be lower at the time of pickup than the confirmed item price in the pre-order confirmation, the lower price applies.

5. Registration/ Privacy Policy

The information provided us within the scope of the registration and pre-order are subject to the provisions of our Privacy Policy.

Conditions of membership Heinemann & Me

General conditions of participation for the Heinemann & Me program

The operator and editor of the Heinemann & Me programme is Gebr. Heinemann SE & Co. KG, Koreastraße 3, D-20457 Hamburg, Germany. Headquartered in Hamburg, Germany. Registered in Germany at Hamburg District Court, HRA [Trade & Companies Register Division A] no. 15017. VAT number DE118908680. And hereafter referred to as “Gebr. Heinemann”.

1. Scope of application

By applying to register as a participant in the Heinemann & Me programme, the participant recognizes these general conditions of participation. Any natural person who is 18 or over may participate. Gebr. Heinemann employees and anyone working for Gebr. Heinemann on a short-term basis, such as promoters, are excluded from participating. All airport and airline employees and persons with an airport staff pass are also excluded.

2. Subject matter of the Heinemann & Me programme

The participation in the Heinemann & Me programme is free of charge. Participants in the Heinemann & Me programme receive special benefits when shopping in the stores of Gebr. Heinemann or their associates in the form of discounts or extras, or the benefits of preferential services, information and similar advantages. The individual benefits offered by Gebr. Heinemann and their associates vary locally, are of limited duration and, when taken advantage of, are subject to further conditions. The discounts are personal and are therefore not transferable. Gebr. Heinemann and/or their associates will inform participants of the currently applicable benefits and how to take advantage of them offline or online. The Heinemann & Me card is only valid when signed by the cardholder. This customer card remains the property of Gebr. Heinemann; it is non-transferable and must be returned on termination of the contractual relationship. If the participant uses a service from one of Heinemann & Me's associates, the associate will be the participant’s sole contracting partner in relation to this service and the privilege granted in relation to it. In the event of any defects in the service provided by an associate and the privilege granted in relation to it, the participant will have no claim against Gebr. Heinemann.

3. Changes to the conditions of participation and to added value

Gebr. Heinemann reserves the right to change these general conditions of participation at any time, in particular in order to improve implementation or to prevent abuses. The participant will be informed of any changes to the general conditions of participation in writing. If the participant does not object in writing within six weeks of receipt of the notification or if, after these six weeks, he/she uses his/her customer card, he/she will be deemed to have accepted the changes. Gebr. Heinemann will alert the participant to this separately in the notification of changes to the conditions of participation. Gebr. Heinemann is entitled to change or stop the Heinemann & Me programme if there is a serious reason for doing so.

4. Termination, changes, information

Both the participant and Gebr. Heinemann are entitled at any time to terminate the participant’s membership. Termination must occur in writing (by letter, email or fax) or by phone. Please inform Gebr. Heinemann of changes to the name, address and email address of the participant in writing (letter, email or fax) or by telephone so that we can continue to provide you with the services of the Heinemann & Me programme. For security reasons, we shall only respond to information requests from the participant if these requests are received in writing.

5. Data protection

Market research: The personal information provided by the participant and the information collected as part of participation in the Heinemann & Me programme

regarding purchases (the information on the receipt, e.g. payment method, customer number, date, place, type of goods and transaction value of the purchases), regarding the benefits taken advantage of by the participant, if applicable by using partner cards and regarding participation in promotions shall be collected, saved and used by Gebr. Heinemann for the purposes of market research. Participation in the Heinemann & Me programme is unfortunately not possible without agreeing to market research. Advertising: Gebr. Heinemann uses the information mentioned in the previous paragraph for the purposes of postal advertising and, with separate agreement, email advertising of products, promotional campaigns and offers. Not giving your agreement or revoking your agreement to advertising does not affect participation in the Heinemann & Me programme. Option to revoke agreement: Participation in market research and advertising is voluntary and agreement can be revoked at any time (by writing to: Gebr. Heinemann SE & Co. KG, Service, Postfach 111 661, 20416 Hamburg, or by fax to: 00800 222 44 223 or by email to: or by telephoning 00800 222 44 224). Data protection notice: The information is processed and used by Gebr. Heinemann and its partners exclusively for the implementation of the individual services of the Heinemann & Me programme; the information is not forwarded to third parties. Upon a written enquiry from the participant, we will be happy to disclose any data that we have saved concerning them. If, despite our endeavours to ensure that the data is accurate, complete and up-to-date, we have stored false information, we shall correct it immediately at the participant’s request.

Valid from 16 January 2014
Data Protection Statement

Gebr. Heinemann KG Privacy Policy

The Gebr. Heinemann KG (hereinafter "Heinemann") takes the protection of personal information very seriously. As a private company, we are subject to the German Federal Data Protection Act (BDSG) and the German Telemedia Act (TMG). We have taken technical and organisational measures that are intended to ensure that the data protection provisions are adhered to by us, as well as by external service providers.
In the following, we define which information is gathered, stored and used when visiting our Internet site and using our online offer.

1. Personal Information

When visiting our Internet site, a log is kept each time our server is accessed and our web pages are called up. In doing so, so-called personal information is gathered and stored until it is automatically deleted. Personal information is any information that may determine your identity. This includes such things as your correct name, postal address, telephone number and date of birth. To be distinguished from personal information is information used purely for statistical purposes (e.g., number of times a page is called up or users of a specific web page). This non-personal information is not the subject of this privacy policy.

2. Collection and Use of Personal Data

Personal information is only gathered and used by us, insofar as necessary in order to facilitate the operation of our website and to perform our offered services (hereinafter also 'online offer'). Irrespective of whether you are a registered user or not, each time our website is called up, specific data is stored on our servers, which could enable your identification (so-called usage and traffic data). The collected information is mainly:

  • connection data of the querying computer (so-called IP address);
  • any websites that have been called up;
  • the date, time and length of your visit;
  • a report whether the access was successful;
  • the identification data of the used browser and/or operation system;
  • the website from which access was made;
  • the name of your Internet access provider.

This information is used to facilitate use of the website, as well as guarantee the stability and reliability of our system. No exploitation of personal information takes place. However, the right to statistical utilisation of anonymised datasets has been reserved. This information is only stored for so long as necessary within the scope of a possible contractual agreement with you and in compliance with applicable law.
You must register in order to use our personalised online offer. Within the scope of the registration, you will be asked to provide your name and other personal information (so-called inventory data). We require this information solely for the purpose of processing your online order. You are free to choose whether to enter such information. However, registration and usage of the online offer is not possible without provision of this information.
We store your information on highly protected servers. Access to which is only possible by a limited number of authorized persons, who are involved with the server's technical, business or editorial maintenance.
In the event Heinemann arranges marketing promotions, chats or online forums in co-operation with third parties or makes such available, these with not have access to respective users/ interested parties stored personal information. The administration of such data is solely the responsibility of Heinemann.

3. Disclosure of Personal Data to Third Parties

When using our online offer, your personal information will only be used by Heinemann or associated companies. No such data are ever transmitted to third parties without you explicit consent. We will also pass on to relevant parties any such data as we may be required to do, either by law or by court order. Should data be passed on to service providers within the scope of order processing, these shall be bound by the BDSG, other legal provisions and the requirements of Heinemann's privacy policy.

4. Right of Cancellation and Deletion of Personal Data

Any personal information that you have given to us can be deleted at any time. If you have given us the consent to collect and use (including storage and disclosure, if applicable) personal information, this consent may be withdrawn at any time, effective in the future. The deletion of stored personal data is effected upon withdrawal of your consent to collect, the data is no longer needed to fulfil the purpose of retention or retention is legally inadmissible. Data for invoicing and accounting purposes are not deleted by a cancellation and/or deletion.

5. Use of Cookies

Cookies are small files with configuration information which are generated automatically when you access our website and which are archived on your computer's hard drive.
We are allowed to use cookies according to the provisions of the IVW (the German branch of the International Federation of Audit Bureaux of Circulations). They help us determine the frequency of use and number of users on our website. We do not collect personal data via cookies.
We use cookies in several areas of our online offer in order to realise specific user functions, and this is indicated where relevant. Certain pages contain adverts from companies or agencies. Cookies may be used by these but we are unable to indicate when this occurs.
Use of our online offer is also possible without cookies. Most browsers are configured by default so that they accept cookies automatically, but they can be set so that either the storage of cookies is disabled or that you are warned whenever a cookie is sent. In addition, you can delete cookies from your hard drive. Please note, that in doing so, the page and/or navigation might be restricted.

6. Children

Persons under the age of 18 should not reveal personal information without the permission of their parent or guardian.

7. Links to other Websites

Our online offer contains links to other websites. We have no influence on whether their operators comply with privacy policies. Despite careful content control, we cannot assume liability for external links and their content (privacy_notice_en).

8. Assurance

We strive to protect your personal information by utilising every possible technical and organisational measure to make said data inaccessible to third parties. However, we cannot guarantee complete data security in email communication. Thus, when conveying confidential information, we recommend doing so by regular mail.

9. Right to Information and Questions

Upon written request, we will tell you which information we have retained about you (e.g., name, address). For questions, suggestion or comments regarding data protection, please contact Heinemann's data protection representative:
Gebr. Heinemann KG
Data Protection Representative
Koreastr. 3
20457 Hamburg
Tel. +800 22244222


The rapid development of the Internet requires that our Privacy Policy needs to be adapted from time to time. You will be informed on this page of any such amendments.

Hamburg, December 2008

Data Protection Statement

Data Protection Declaration of Gebrüder Heinemann SE & Co. KG
( &

Gebr. Heinemann SE & Co. KG (hereinafter referred to as "HEINEMANN") takes the protection of personal data very seriously. In the following we would like to explain which data are collected, saved and used when you visit our Internet pages and use our online offers.

Personal data in the sense of the Federal Data Protection Act (BDSG) are individual items of data about the personal and material circumstances of a specific or identifiable natural person.

When visiting and personal data are only then collected when you make active contact with HEINEMANN.

By visiting an Internet site, data are generally generated which are saved on a server in a protocol file, and which are evaluated exclusively on an anonymous basis for statistical purposes.

1. Services/Online Offers

On the websites named you can actively submit personal data to us via the following services (in the following also "online offers") - so-called inventory data:
  • Orders and advance orders in the online shop
  • Registration at Heinemann & Me
  • Contact form
  • Application
  • Participation in the competition
  • Newsletter Registration
  • Chats
  • Online Forums
HEINEMANN will save these personal data to provide the offered online offers.

These data are protected through technical and organisational measures by HEINEMANN and the service providers carefully selected by us pursuant to § 11 BDSG using the provisions of the BDSG and the Telemedia Act (TMG).

Special conditions for participation or conditions for use can exist for the respective online offers, providing information on the intended purpose of the personal data.

HEINEMANN uses personal data for its own marketing purposes only when the person involved has been informed in detail about the intended use and has expressly granted his consent.

Persons under 18 years of age should not use online offers without the approval of their parents or guardians and therefore not send personal data to us.

2. Right of Revocation and Deletion of Personal Data

In accordance with § 34 BDSG every person involved has the right to free information on his data stored at HEINEMANN as well as, pursuant to § 35 BDSG, the right at any time to correct, delete or block these personal data.

If you have given us these personal data, you can have them deleted again at any time. Unless you have given us express consent for the collection and usage (possibly including storage and disclosure) of personal data, you can withdraw such consent at any time with effect for the future. Deletion of stored personal data takes place if you revoke your consent to storage, if knowledge about the data to fulfil the purpose intended by storage is no longer required, or if the storage is inadmissible for other legal reasons. Data for the purposes of accounting and bookkeeping are not affected by termination or deletion.

3. Furtherance of Personal Data

If you are using our online offer, we use your personal data only at HEINEMANN as well as at affiliated companies. We do not further your data to third parties without your explicit consent. We will transfer your data to the authorities entitled to receive information only in case this is required by the law or court order. Should data be furthered to service providers or partner companies in exceptional cases during order processing, these are bound by the BDSG and other legal regulations and by the terms of the data protection declaration in the contract with HEINEMANN.

Furtherance of your data is made to the despatch company authorised to make the delivery, if this is necessary for the delivery of the goods. For the settlement of payments, your payment data shall be forwarded to the credit agency responsible for bank payment. Credit card data will not be saved, but will be collected directly and processed by our payment service provider ConCardis GmbH.

Flight Data Check

You must have a valid flight ticket to be able to make purchases from us. We will request your travel data during the purchasing process in our webshop ( These will be used exclusively for checking your entitlement to make purchases by a comparison in the Amadeus reservation system.

Credit Assessment and Scoring

If we deliver before payment, e.g. for purchase on account in our webshop (, we may obtain a credit assessment on the basis of mathematical-statistical procedures from SCHUFA Holding AG, Kormoranweg 5, 65201 Wiesbaden. To this end, we transfer personal data necessary for credit assessment to SCHUFA Holding AG, and use obtained information about the statistical probability of payment default for a balanced decision on the justification, implementation or termination of the contractual relationship. The credit report may contain probability values (score values), which are calculated based on the scientifically recognised mathematical and statistical methods and whose calculation includes address data, amongst other things. The protection of your interests will be ensured in accordance with legal provisions.

4. Mandatory Periods for Deletion of the Data

Legislators have passed laws on diverse retention periods and obligations. When these periods elapse, the corresponding data are routinely deleted. Data not subject to retention periods and obligations will be deleted if their retention is no longer required to maintain the business relationship agreed upon.

5. Data Security

When entering advance orders and application data, HEINEMANN protects this personal information with the greatest care and most modern technology. You can be sure that the personal data entrusted to us are protected with SSL. SSL stands for "Secure Socket Layer", an encryption method which is successfully used in the entire World Wide Web. All personal data are encrypted and secure during transmission through the Internet. You can recognise a symbol (closed padlock) in the lower bar of your browser window, which means that you are in the secure area. Alternatively, you can also select an unencrypted transmission, if, for example, this is not possible for technical reasons.

You should always treat your access information as confidential and close the browser window when you have finished communicating with us, especially when you have used the computer jointly with others.

6. Use of Cookies

To improve use of our online offers, HEINEMANN uses cookies on the websites named. Cookies are small files filed on the user's computer, and which can only be read again by our servers if the visitor revisits the websites.

Cookies are used on these websites so that visitors do not have to repeatedly select the desired departure airport and are always informed about the range of offers at the Heinemann branch at this departure airport. Cookies are also needed to register for the newsletter and to use the shopping cart.

Most browser settings automatically accept cookies. The storage of cookies can be deactivated or the browser can be set in such a way that it sends a notification when cookies are sent.

We would like to point out that you will not be able to use all functions of this website completely if the storage of cookies is deactivated.

7. Server Protocol Files

Irrespective of whether you actively use an online offer or not, certain data will be saved on our servers by default each time our Internet sites are accessed, which possibly allow identification of your person (so-called usage and traffic data).

These data are used to enable usage of the Internet sites and to guarantee stability and operational security of our system. No personal utilisation of these data will be made.

These data will be deleted from the log files after 30 days.

8. Use of Web Analysis Tools


Data for marketing and optimisation purposes will be collected and saved on the websites named using technologies from etracker GmbH ( User profiles can be created under a pseudonym using this data. For this purpose, cookies may be used. Cookies are small text files that are stored locally in the cache of visitor‘s web browser. Cookies allow us to recognise the visitor's browser. The data collected with the etracker technologies will not be used to personally identify the website visitor without the explicit consent of the person involved and will not be combined with personal data via the bearer of the pseudonym. You have the right to object to data collection and storage at any time with future effect.

Google Analytics

These websites use Google Analytics, a web analysis service of Google Inc. (“Google”). Google Analytics uses so-called "cookies", text files that are stored on your computer and which enable an analysis to be made of your use of the websites. As a rule, the information generated by the cookie about your use of these websites is transmitted to a Google server in the USA and stored there. In the case of activation of IP anonymisation on this website, your IP address will be shortened beforehand by Google within the Member states of the European Union or other parties to the Agreement on the European Economic Area. Only in exceptional cases, your complete IP address is transmitted to a Google server in the USA and shortened there. On behalf of the operator of this website, Google uses this information to assess your use of the websites, to compile reports on website activities and to provide further services associated with the website use and Internet use with respect to the website operator. Within the scope of Google Analytics, the IP address transmitted by your browser may be combined with other data from Google. You can prevent the storage of cookies by making corresponding settings in your browser software: we would like to point out to you that in this case you may not be able to fully use all functions of this website. In addition, you can prevent the collection of the data generated by the cookie and related to your use of the websites (incl. your IP address) to Google and the processing of this data by Google by downloading and installing the browser plugins available at the following link .

You can find more information on this at Google Analytics Opt-out Browser Add-on or at Safeguarding your data (general information on Google Analytics and data protection).

We would like to point out that on these websites Google Analytics has been expanded by the code “gat._anonymizeIp();”, to ensure an anonymised collection of IP addresses (so-called IP masking).

The use of further analysis, online marketing and tracking tools

Gebr. Heinemann SE & Co. KG uses different technologies on these websites and for online and search engine advertising to collect, process and use data for marketing and optimisation purposes. Pseudonym usage profiles can be created from these data, which serve to optimise the use of the websites or to advertise customised to your interests. The data collected will not be used to personally identify the visitor to this website without the explicit consent of the person involved and will not be combined with personal data via the bearer of the pseudonym. You have the right to object to data collection and storage at any time with effect for the future.

You can deactivate cookie settings by using the opt-out functions of the technology providers:

HEIAS Adnologies
Pilot Display Optimiser

9. Information on the Use of Social Plugins

Google +1

Our website uses the "+1" button of the social network Google Plus, which is operated by Google Inc., 1600 Amphitheatre Parkway, Mountain View, CA 94043, United States ("Google"). The button can be identified by the "+1" on a white or coloured background. When you visit a page on our website that contains a social button, your browser is directly connected to Google servers. The content of the "+1" button is transmitted from Google directly to your browser and embedded into the website. Therefore, we have no impact on the amount of data that Google collects using this button. According to Google, no personal information is collected without clicking on the button. Such data, including the IP address, are collected and processed for logged in members only. For the purpose and scope of data collection and further processing and use of data by Google, as well as your rights in this respect and settings options for protecting your privacy, please visit Google's Privacy Policy by clicking "+1" button: +1 and the FAQ. If you are a Google Plus member and do not want Google to collect data about you through our website and link it with your member data stored at Google, you must log out of Google Plus before you visit our website.


On some websites of our online range of offers we use Social Plugins of the social network (“Plugin”), which is operated by Facebook Inc., 1601 S.California Ave, Palo Alto, CA 94304, USA (“Facebook”).

The websites of our online offer which contain a plugin are marked with a clearly visible Facebook logo (e.g. white “f” on a blue tile or a "thumbs-up" sign) or the addition "Facebook Social Plugin".

If you access a website like this containing such a plugin, your browser will establish a direct connection with the Facebook servers and Facebook will transmit the content of the plugin directly to your browser.

If you are registered with Facebook and are logged into your Facebook user account, Facebook will receive the information that you accessed the respective website by the integration of the plugin. If you use the plugin actively by for example activating the "like" button or the "share" button or placing a commentary on the respective website, the corresponding information will be transmitted from your browser directly to Facebook and used there.

In order to avoid Facebook collecting the above information about you when you access such a website, please find information on this on the Facebook website and/or log out of Facebook before visiting the respective website. Furthermore, you should delete any Facebook cookies present from your browser.

The purpose and extent of data collection and further use and usage of data by Facebook as well as your rights and setting options in this regard for the protection of your private sphere can be found in the Facebook Privacy Policy.

In this respect, please note that Facebook is continually developing the social network and informs about the data usage associated with it. You can, for example, find information about the opportunities that Facebook offers about protection of your privacy on the following pages: Data Use Policy. We assume no responsibility for the content of the websites and the Facebook Privacy Policy.


Functions of the Twitter services are integrated into our web pages. These functions are provided by Twitter Inc., 795 Folsom St., Suite 600, San Francisco, CA 94107, USA. By using Twitter and the "Re-tweet" function, the web pages you visit are linked to your Twitter account and made known to other users. These data are also transmitted to Twitter. We point out that we, as providers of the sites, have no knowledge about the content of the transmitted data and their usage through Twitter. For more information, please refer to the data protection declaration of Twitter at Privacy Policy. You can change your privacy settings at Twitter in the account settings.

10. Localisation Function

When using our website and our mobile apps we offer a localisation function for which your consent is required for use. If you agree with the localisation function, we determine necessary location information and you get location-based offers from us. In order to determine the location data, depending on availability, we use your IP address, GPS data or wireless networks data (WLAN). Location data are neither stored nor transmitted to third parties.

11. Push Messages

When using our mobile apps we offer a Push message function for which your consent is required for use. If you agree with the Push messages function, we can send you general information and location-based offers on your Smartphone or tablet, which you will be notified of by an appropriate function in your device. Location-related offers can only be sent to you as Push message if you have previously consented to the localisation function.

12. Links to Other Internet Sites

Our online range of offers includes links to other Internet sites. We have no influence on the compliance of their operators with the data protection regulations. Despite careful control of the content, we cannot assume any liability for external links to third party content.

13. Right of Access and Queries

Upon written request, you will receive information from us as to which of your personal data we have stored (e.g. name, address).

For queries, suggestions or comments on the topic of data protection, please contact the HEINEMANN Data Protection Supervisor:

Gebr. Heinemann SE und Co. KG
Data Protection Supervisor
Koreastr. 3
20457 Hamburg

E-Mail: dataprotection[at]

Hamburg, February 2014