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Snacks & breadsticks on the HEINEMANN online store: crispy, flavourful and loved around the world

Everyone loves snacks and there are very few that can resist savoury delights such as chips, pretzel sticks, nuts or crackers. This is especially the case when it comes to classic and fine snacks such as the ones available on the HEINEMANN online store. With a delicious range of snacks you will be well prepared to host social gatherings, enjoy cosy evenings or tackle hunger between meals.

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Purchase breadsticks: tasty snacks that suit any occasion

Savoury snacks are very popular at the office, at school and of course in many homes. If you are having an evening with your friends or family, having a variety of snacks on hand is perfect. From fried and oven-baked snacks to toasted and pastry covered treats, every country has its particular specialties, whether it is the corn-flour tortilla chips in Mexico, the crispy pastry sticks called Grissini in Italy, the Japanese flavoured nuts, the Asian baked rice crackers or the ever-popular potato chip hailing from the United States. The most important thing about any snack is getting the right flavour. Salt and other spices provide the most unqiue tastes, whether they are spicy, mild, cheesy, oniony or sprinkled with herbs. Nuts are one of the most popular snacks, whether on their own, roasted, salted or battered. When you are travelling, small snacks not only protect you against hunger but they can also provide enjoyment. On the HEINEMANN online store you can buy popular snacks for some competitively low prices. You will find nuts, chips and crackers from well-known brands in exciting Travel Editions. Your favourite snacks can be pre-ordered up to 12 hours before your flight and then can simply be picked up at one of the many HEINEMANN Duty Free shops.

Quality snacks from HEINEMANN: there's always something delicious to snack on

Salt and pepper are probably the most popular flavours for chips, pretzel sticks and other snacks. HEINEMANN likes to try new things, which gives you the opportunity to explore a whole new array of tastes. Nuts flavoured with smoke, chips infused with vinegar and herbs, or uniquely cheesy crackers. Each will tantalise your taste buds with their new flavour creations. You will love all of the options presented from different creators. It is not a coincidence that snacks are so popular around the world. Do not miss the latest products and your chance to sample new and delicious snacks from the HEINEMANN online store.

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