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A lingering impression: extraordinary perfumes found on the HEINEMANN online store

Scents evoke emotion. It is that special something that captures a person's personality and adds an individual touch. From the online store you can find a wide range of exclusive fragrances at competitive prices from brands such as Bulgari, Chloé, Kenzo, Lancôme, Boss, Yves Saint Laurent and many others. Order your trusted perfume or find exciting new scents that you have long searched for from the HEINEMANN online shop. Your favourite new scent might be waiting for you.

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Exclusive fragrances and perfumes for women, men and children can easily be ordered online

There is a huge variety of exceptional fragrances that continues to grow steadily. This includes everything from the classics for women and the traditional choices of cologne for men or a variety of perfumes, eau de toilettes or a lighter eau fraîche. What notes make up your favourite scent? Tangy citrus fruits, soft floral notes, tart-fresh aromas of woods and herbs or sensual notes of sandalwood, vanilla and amber, everything can be found at HEINEMANN. A relatively new and a popular gift idea for children is a themed fragrance set. These gifts come complete with a selection of sweet mini-bottles with well-known characters from Disney or Hello Kitty. Not only are major cosmetics brands represented in the collection, there is also a whole host of internationally known designers such as Dolce & Gabbana, Gucci and Hermès that bring fresh and exciting scents in different sizes and price ranges to the market.

Lively, elegant or sensual – with great deals, try new fragrances

Many ladies and gentlemen use more than just a single fragrance. They may use a fresh, invigorating eau de toilette in the summer, a sensual fragrance for special occasions, a subtle perfume for the office or a familiar scent as deodorant spray. The range of different perfume and toiletries in the HEINEMANN online store matches this variety. The small package units of 30-50 ml are available for those who like to occasionally try new scents. This allows you, for an attractively low price, to get to know fragrances and deodorants from Clinique, Jil Sander and many other brands. With the convenient online ordering service that HEINEMANN provides you have all of the time in the world to seek out your perfect scent. The products come at low prices and can be purchased in the comfort of your own home. Your shopping will always be ready in the shop in time for your departure and can be picked up when you pass by on your way to the gate. It could not be easier to buy scents online. Discover fragrances that suit you from classic perfumes and eau de toilettes to a personalised lighter eau fraîche or deodorant at the HEINEMANN online shop.

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