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Sophisticated quality and exquisite taste: exclusive spirits from HEINEMANN

English gin, Irish whiskey, Finnish or Russian vodka and French cognac; each special flavour immediately inspires wanderlust. At HEINEMANN you will find a wide variety of first-class spirits, liqueurs and special whiskeys, often exclusive special editions and at bargain prices. Shop on the HEINEMANN online store to discover special spirits to tantalise your taste buds and at amazing prices.

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Explore the wide selection of spirits on the HEINEMANN online store

There are moments that should be celebrated properly. Not only birthdays and holidays, but also special moments like watching a sunset together or meeting with friends and family. Each deserves exclusive specialties or special spirits that will add a distinct touch to culinary delights. Imagine an enchanting aperitif before dinner or a fine Mediterranean brandy or cognac after a delicious meal? A delightful liqueur or fruit brandy from the Freihof distillery serves to round off the flavour just as a glamourous and exotic cocktail will create a special party atmosphere. HEINEMANN stocks the best vodkas, such as Absolut, Grey Goose and Finlandia, as well as classic gin like Plymouth or Gordon's. Each luxury spirit is the base for countless delicious cocktail recipes such as Martini, Manhattan or Cosmopolitan. Those who prefer exotic options can choose a Caipirinha, Mojito or Margarita. There is also a range of fruity spirits, fiery tequilas, delicious grappa or rum that will perfectly welcome guests to any celebration. Many spirits bring a special flair and exemplify certain regions and countries and their particular styles. On the HEINEMANN online store you can quickly and easily find spirits that fit your exact individual taste.

For special moments: spirits at affordable prices on the HEINEMANN online store

Want to be comfortable while you purchase competitively priced liquor? On the HEINEMANN online store you can conveniently pre-ordered liquor up to 12 hours before your flight and then simply pick up your items at one of the many HEINEMANN Duty Free shops. The special home delivery service can help you avoid having to transport any heavy bottles. Many spirits on the HEINEMANN online store are offered with a great Special Offer of 30 % off. This guarantees that exclusive spirits such as whiskey or cognac come at especially affordable prices. Explore the wide range of special spirits often available in exclusive special editions or special sizes available up to 1l. On the HEINEMANN online store you will find renowned brands such as Smirnoff, Bacardi, Johnnie Walker, Ballantines or Jack Daniel's. There are also regional specialties such as Teeling or Auchentoshan.

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