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Combine fine food and friends with aperitifs & digestifs from the HEINEMANN online store

A good meal will always include an aperitif and digestif. The aperitif serves to whet the appetite and the digestif concludes the meal. Almost more important than having an effect on the appetite and digestion of a meal, however, is the universal enjoyment of a first-class spirit in a large group of friends dining together. Discover the wide selection of exclusive international brands of bitters, aperitifs and digestifs on the HEINEMANN online store.

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Premium herbal bitters and alcoholic beverages at HEINEMANN: variety and diversity

Among the most popular digestifs are herbal bitters. Unlike their name suggests, these herbal brandies are usually anything but bitter. In fact, many of the sprits are flavoured with herbal extract spirits and have a relatively high level of added sugar, such as in Jägermeister and Pimm's Cup No. 1. Other examples such as Fernet Branca or Campari Bitter have a more pronounced bitterness and are enjoyed not only as a digestif, but also as an aperitif used in carbonated drinks. Among other things, bitters can be enjoyed in various refreshing long drinks such as a Campari Orange or Aperol Spritz. While digestifs like Underberg or Ramazotti are usually served straight as a small sip at the end of a rich meal, aperitifs have no such limitations. From a classic gin and tonic to a seductive Bellini with champagne and a sophisticated Raki on ice, connoisseurs serve what fits the tastes of the guests and what is being served for the meal. Many excellent bitters and other spirits can be ordered at competitive prices on the HEINEMANN online store.

Purchase bitters & aperitifs at great prices: the craftsmanship of famous spirit brands

Classical aperitifs and digestifs have a long tradition, both in regard to international cuisine as well as the production of the spirits. Many major manufacturers have long since become classics, such as the famous French aniseed liqueur Pastis. A characteristic of aniseed is the ouzo effect, in which the spirit turns milky white when it is mixed with cold water. The French brand Pernod as well as the well-known Greek and Turkish aniseed brands such as Ouzo 12 and Yeni Raki can be found online at HEINEMANN. Here you can buy exclusive bitters and aperitifs and enjoy the benefits of their convenient delivery service. At HEINEMANN you can conveniently pre-ordered aperitifs & digestifs up to 12 hours before your flight and then simply pick up your items at one of the many HEINEMANN Duty Free online shops.

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