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Brandy on the HEINEMANN online store: sophisticated brandies for true connoisseurs

Brandy is one of the oldest spirits in the world and is obtained through the distillation of fine wines. Experts love the complex aromas of fine brandies. The nuances of brandy vary beautifully depending on the country and region. You can buy selected brandies in a convenient 1-litre bottle size and explore the exclusive variety of HEINEMANN’s product range with all your senses.

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Tradition and craftsmanship from HEINEMANN: enjoy the highest quality of brandy

Brandy is a spirit with a long tradition. Today, the term brandy within the EU is protected and there are strict guidelines that determine whether a spirit may be described as brandy or not. The distilleries in various European countries each swear by their individual secret recipe. The basis for a good brandy always includes fine grapes and the wines produced from them. Only through the long aging in oak barrels does brandy acquire its full-bodied colour, a wide range of flavours and its variety of aromas. On HEINEMANN’s online store you will find true classics like the German brandy from Asbach or Italian greats like the Vecchia Romagna, a brandy with a long history. Connoisseurs can appreciate the Spanish Cardenal Mendoza Gran Reserva with a complex combination of dried fruit aromas. On the HEINEMANN online store you can buy all of these and many other exclusive brandies and Aperitifs & Digestifs

Brandy: a collection of gorgeous colours, complex aromas and intense tastes

Each quality of brandy enjoys a harmonious interplay of colour, flavour and aroma. A fine brandy is to be enjoyed with all of your senses. You can discover the warm tones and the velvety texture of the highest quality brandies at HEINEMANN. Metaxa, Veterano and many other brandies are notable due to their own unique flavours. It is not necessary, however, to only enjoy brandy by itself. It is also a popular ingredient for contemporary cocktails. You can enjoy a refined Cream Brandy Alexander or combine fine brandy with a dash of lemon for a Brandy Sour. You can partake in the pure enjoyment of indulging in the world-class Carlos I in a quality brandy snifter. Treat yourself to exceptional pleasure on the HEINEMANN online store. You can buy and enjoy your favourite brandy by pre-ordering your favourite items up to 12 hours before your flight and picking them up on your way to the gate.

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