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Exclusive cognacs from HEINEMANN: drawn from the essence of exquisite French white wine

It is not just any brandy that is allowed to be called Cognac. It is only in the spirits that have been made in surroundings of the French city that carries the name that provides this honour. This is how the precious reputation of Cognac is protected. On the HEINEMANN online store you can order an exclusive selection of these unique spirits. Be inspired as you discover premium cognacs from various famous manufacturers.

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Cognac: a unique spirit with a lengthy tradition

Iconic names such as Hennessy, Rémy Martin or Maison Camus are globally recognised and sought-after brands that are talented in the art of traditional Cognac production. They only use exclusively French white wines, which are made from specific grape varieties. Ugni Blanc, Folle Blanche and Colombard have proven themselves as especially good varieties for the production of Cognac. Wines that are made from these grapes form the foundation for excellent cognacs such as Courvoisier, Hine or Martell. In addition to grape varieties and wines, the storage of the Cognac is the deciding factor regarding its taste and flavours. To achieve this goal, only oak barrels are used. Connoisseurs distinguish between unused and repeatedly re-used oak barrels. With the maturation of the distillate in the barrels, the flavours from the wood are gradually transferred to the Cognac. The longer the maturity period and the richer the residues of former maturation processes, the more complex the flavours of the finished cognac.

For true connoisseurs: purchase fine cognac on the HEINEMANN online store

Cognac is suitable for both quiet moments and for festive occasions. The warm browns and golds of this sophisticated spirit seduce the eye, while the fine, complex aromas of exceptional French brandy excite the palate. Purchase your favourite Cognac or discover a previously unknown exclusive manufacturer from HEINEMANN. Try, for example, a Baron Otard VSOP or XO Gold Otard Baron in the exclusive gold bottle. Take the time to taste a Martell XO Exclusive in the Tricentenaire Edition and to appreciate the subtle hints of fig and walnut. Treat yourself to a Rémy Martin Louis XIII, a special Cognac that takes you through the nuances of flowers, oak and spices in a whole new world of flavour. Your ideal cognac can be pre-ordered up to 12 hours before your flight and then can simply be picked up at one of the many HEINEMANN Duty Free online shops.

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