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Fine liqueurs from HEINEMANN: sweet, aromatic and full of flavor

Hardly a spirit is as diverse as liqueur. Traditional herbal liqueurs, fruity variants and sweet cream liqueurs with their varied flavours are not only extremely welcome as gifts, but also serve as an exclusive indulgence for dessert, coffee or as a cocktail ingredient. Discover an exclusive selection of high-quality liqueurs on the HEINEMANN online store and enjoy world-famous brands and exquisite liqueurs crafted for true connoisseurs.

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Liqueur on the HEINEMANN online store: once medicinal, now a source of pleasure

One of the most common characteristics of liqueur is a relatively high sugar content and an alcohol content of more than 40%. Like many other spirits, liqueurs were originally developed for medical purposes. Monks first crafted their alcoholic distillates and believed their creation to provide various healing powers; they would even use the liqueur to treat diseases. The addition of sugar, today the typical feature of liqueur, primarily was to improve taste of the traditionally used bitter herbs. The original spirits were barely drinkable. Honey and later sugar awarded liqueurs a pleasant taste. Today liqueurs are held as a luxury item and on the HEINEMANN online store, they are as varied as ever. Beginning with classic herbal liqueurs, which are notable for their bitter notes, to semisweet options. Famous and popular semisweet liqueurs are for example: Jägermeister, Borgmann or Averna. There are also a variety of cream liqueurs that enjoy ever greater popularity such as Amarula Cream Liqueur, Baileys or Mozart Chocolate Cream, which you can also order online from HEINEMANN. Your favourite liqueurs can be pre-ordered up to 12 hours before your flight and then can simply be picked up at one of the many HEINEMANN Duty Free shops.

Clear liqueurs for cocktails, long drinks and even more

For those who hear "liqueur" and immediately think of the classics such as Baileys and Advocaat, HEINEMANN’s online store will certainly be a pleasant surprise with its diverse range. Next to well-known herbal and cream liqueurs you will find many clear liqueurs – perfect as an important addition to long drinks and cocktails. Some examples include Sparkling Aperol or exotic Malibu, which bring the notes of coconut and Caribbean nights to any drink. The feel of the Mediterranean can also be found with the classic Disaronno Amaretto, which is perfect to add to delicious Italian tiramisu and other desserts. Let yourself be inspired by the variety of fine liqueurs and discover new and proven options on the HEINEMANN online store.

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