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Rum: the Caribbean lifestyle encompassed in an exclusive spirit

Rum generates images of snow-white sandy beaches and an azure sea. It is not only a key ingredient in tantalising cocktails but has also been highly valued by connoisseurs for centuries. Even experts are continually surprised by the diverse flavours and complexity of contemporary rums. Allow yourself to be seduced by this exotic spirit. Discover high-class rum on the HEINEMANN online store in convenient bottles ranging from 1 litre in size and in various exclusive special editions.

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High quality rum from HEINEMANN: from sugar cane plantations to storage in oak bar

Traditional rum is produced from sugarcane juice or from molasses, which is obtained in the industrial processing of sugarcane. In a complex and closely monitored distillation process, quality rums must mature for some time. The manufacturer of high-quality brands such as Ron Zacapa or El Dorado Rum, store their rum in real oak barrels in a process that is similar to the traditional production of cognac or whiskey. Due to this maturing stage, the aromas and flavours attain a higher degree of complexity. Having noted this, full-bodied rum is also soft in taste. The colour of the spirit is an important quality because it becomes darker the longer the rum is stored. In our online store you will find a wide selection of rums of the highest quality and in a variety of price ranges, from popular brands such as Captain Morgan, Bacardi and Havana Club to the selected gourmet rums of Pyrat or The Kraken. Take the opportunity to experience a new rum from HEINEMANN or select your favourite brand for low online prices.

Rum is available at low prices from the HEINEMANN online store: delicious served straight or in a modern cocktail creation

Every rum is unique. Not only does the taste and colour of the various rums differ significantly from one another, but the production and ripening method are subtly unique from brand to brand. On the HEINEMANN online store you can purchase a fine rum that is perfect to drink straight and to enjoy in all of its complexity. For connoisseurs, HEINEMANN especially recommends well-known brands such as Mount Gay Rum, Flor de Cana or Single Cane, as this excellent liquor will be perfectly appreciated. A prime Bacardi Reserva or Gran Havana Club 3y is an ideal base for various cocktails such as a mojito, a fruity daiquiri or a classic mai tai. At HEINEMANN you can pre-order exclusive rum up to 12 hours before your flight and then you can simply pick up your items at one of the many HEINEMANN Duty Free shops.

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