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Find vermouth on the HEINEMANN online store: a sophisticated liquor with slightly bitter notes

It is not only as an ingredient of a dry Martini that vermouth as a liquor has come to world fame. The story of this notable spirit, however, is much older than its popularity. Vermouth is regularly enjoyed in long drinks or as an aperitif before a meal and is even used in refined sauces and soups. Find premium brands of vermouth on the HEINEMANN online store – even in 1 litre sized bottles if you wish.

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Purchase vermouth from HEINEMANN: a true game changer in the kitchen and bar

Wormwood is where the name vermouth is derived, which is an ingredient that serves, among other herbs and spices, to flavour the liquor. Vermouth is a fortified wine. The alcoholic fermentation of the wine is interrupted and instead it is supplied with additional alcohol. Using this method means that vermouth gets a much higher alcohol content than regular wine. Similar to Madeira wine and sherry, it is considered an amplified wine. Unlike Madeira wine and sherry, however, vermouth is flavoured only after fermenting with wormwood and other herbs. Originally, the harsh herb flavours were used to cover the poor quality of the wine, today the slightly bitter taste is actually a sign of quality. Vermouth is a subtle spirit with a taste that does not impose itself and therefore is perfect for use as a supplement in drinks and in the kitchen. On the HEINEMANN online store you can purchase an exclusive selection of luxurious vermouths. Examples include the classics Noilly Prat and Martini Extra Dry. The well-known brand Martini, which produces a wide variety of different fortified wines, is not related to the famous cocktail, although vermouth is one of the key ingredients in a Martini.

Exquisite vermouth as a base of classic cocktails

The famous Italian brand Carpano may lay claim to having invented the first vermouth. In the 18th century, Antonio Benedetto Carpano created the first flavoured liquor of its kind using wormwood and other herbs. Even today, connoisseurs continue to revere Carpano vermouth as a fine spirit. Cinzano or the Spanish manufacturer Yzaguirre has also established a reputation for creating a first-class vermouth. At HEINEMANN you will find many of these exclusive brands at attractive prices. By using this online service you can pre-order your favourite items up to 12 hours before your flight and then simply pick them up at one of the many HEINEMANN Duty Free shops. Enjoy fine cocktails such as the Amato, a Bombay or the unforgettable Martini, all with high-quality vermouth from the HEINEMANN online store.

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