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Irish whiskey at HEINEMANN: find an exclusive original online

There is no doubt, for the Irish, who invented whiskey. This small yet famous country has a long tradition and history intertwined with whiskey. This nation is not only known for its mild and full-bodied whiskeys, but also for its distilling method, which differs from Scotch whiskey. At HEINEMANN, you can get familiar with a diverse range of premium Irish whiskeys. There are many brands on offer in 1 litre bottles such as Jameson and Tullamore Dew.

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Purchase Irish whiskey from HEINEMANN: single pot still whiskey and the subtle differences

A special aspect and a famous type of Irish whiskey is Single Pot Still Whiskey. This is made of both malted and un-malted barley. It is also distilled three times unlike Scottish whiskeys, which are only distilled twice. This gives the whiskey a very mild flavour with pure and clear tastes. The law prescribes that Irish whiskey must be matured for at least three years exclusively in oak barrels. While the storage of American whiskeys requires new, unused oak barrels, Irish whiskey is matured in casks that have already held many generations of whiskey or even sherry. Often, this results in completely new and unique aromas and flavours. The new whiskeys will continually attract the curiosity and delight of many connoisseurs. On the HEINEMANN online store you can purchase exclusive Irish whiskey and enjoy the versatility of what is on offer. Try classic Bushmills whiskey or Teeling whiskey at various stages of maturity. Each item can be pre-ordered up to 12 hours before your flight and then can simply be picked up at one of the many HEINEMANN Duty Free shops.

Irish blends: refined craftsmanship with warm notes and soft flavours

Single malt, single grain, or a blended whiskey? Choose from the wide selection of whiskeys from the HEINEMANN online store. A blended whiskey is crafted when several different vintages and different barrels are assembled together into a harmonious composition. Each blend requires a high degree of skill and years of experience from Master Blenders. Bushmills Black Bush, an inexpensive option that can be purchased online from HEINEMANN, is one such blend. This whiskey has an impressive array of slightly fruity aromas and deep character. The Tullamore Dew 12Y Sherry Cask Finish is a single malt whiskey, which delights with a particularly rich bouquet that has hints of toasted almonds, vanilla, various fruits and a trace of cinnamon.

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