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Those who regularly travel or have active hobbies can enjoy their time even more when they use SIGG Switzerland’s famous and practical water bottles. In HEINEMANN Duty Free you will find a wide range of these popular drinking bottles and thermoses that make it easy to travel and participate in activities. The bottles come in different sizes and with intricate designs. Bottles from SIGG are rightly acclaimed as "the world's toughest water bottles", or "the most indestructible water bottles ever created".

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When travelling or pursuing adventure, you need a SIGG water bottle

The traditional Swiss brand SIGG was established in 1908. Through ongoing innovation and excellent design, the bottles from SIGG have now become a trendsetting product that has easily adapted to the modern lifestyle. Bottles from SIGG are not only practical for travel, hobbies and sports, but are also known by their iconic appearance. SIGG offers a range of products for every individual taste. Sizes range from between 0.3 litres and 0.75 litres and the bottles are made using state-of-the-art materials such as aluminium or stainless steel. There are practical water bottles to use as simple containers for cold drinks or thermoses for coffee and tea. Depending on the type of bottle and personal style, you can opt for an eye-catching and vibrant colour, a subtle white or chrome, or one with colourful motifs or a simple Swiss cross. On the HEINEMANN online store you will find a wide range of different models made by SIGG that are perfect to use on the go.

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For the little ones, SIGG Switzerland offers a wide range of special bottles that stand out not only for their child-friendly practicality and special locking mechanism, but also for their designs. From mermaids and whales to airplanes or football designs, the right bottle can be found for any child. Some of the most popular designs are the SIGG bottles with famous cartoon characters like Donald Duck, Hello Kitty or Winnie the Pooh. Bottles from SIGG are also wonderful as personal gifts or as souvenirs. With the practical HEINEMANN pre-order service, you can select the product up to twelve hours prior to departure. All of the desired products are easy to buy from home or on the road when you can opt to pick up the purchase in the HEINEMANN Duty Free store at a convenient time.

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