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Champagne from HEINEMANN: exquisite flavours for those special celebrations

Champagne holds unrivalled reputation throughout the world for being luxurious, elegant and sophisticated. Legendary French Champagne provides a taste experience that has no equal. On the HEINEMANN online store you can buy exquisite champagne and enjoy the fine vintage bottles of the most famous French manufacturers. HEINEMANN’s collection proudly stocks iconic names such as Dom Perignon, Louis Roederer or Laurent-Perrier as well as an assortment of smaller, exclusive champagne producers.

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Only the best grapes are used in the unique champagne process

Champagne is one of the most exclusive drinks and is usually enjoyed on very special occasions. The special status it holds amongst other sparkling wines such as crémant is due to the protected designation of origin and the unique manufacturing process of champagne. No sparkling wines from other countries or further regions of France may be referred to as champagne. This is even the case if it is produced using the traditional champagne methods. In addition, there are strict quality guidelines for the production process of champagne. Grape harvesting must be done by hand and the pressing of the grapes must be a gentle process. The bottle fermentation that gives champagne its unique bubbles is intricately calculated. Only three grape varieties must be used for champagne: pinot noir, pinot meunier and chardonnay. Then these grapes must go through a complex manufacturing process to create the best champagnes such as Moët & Chandon Nectar Impérial, which can be ordered online from HEINEMANN. The Nectar Impérial thrills the palate with notes of exotic fruit and a hint of vanilla. On HEINEMANN’s online store you can also find the Rosé Apanage, from the traditional manufacturer Pommery, with the aromas of red berries and fresh hints of green apples. Just pre-order your favourite champagne up to 12 hours before your flight and then simply pick up your items at one of the many HEINEMANN Duty Free shops.

Purchase champagne from HEINEMANN: iconic brands provide exquisite delight

Champagne combines traditional luxury and modern glamour. This is why the most prestigious brands are always present in the HEINEMANN range. Veuve Clicquot, Taittinger or Ruinart can be found on HEINEMANN’s store as well as Dom Perignon and Roederer. Raise your glasses with Veuve Clicquot La Grande Dame to a special moment and let yourself be captivated by the distinct flavours of white peach, nougat and marzipan. Alternatively, open one of the esteemed vintage bottles of Dom Perignon and let it melt over your tongue with nuances of strawberries, figs, vanilla and a hint of violets. Taste with every sip the great craftsmanship of exclusive and unique champagne.

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