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Find quality rosé online from HEINEMANN: an enjoyable refreshment with a fine bouquet

Rosé combines the intense flavour of red grapes with the fruity freshness of elegant white ones. The pearly structure and the characteristic taste of rosé excite wine lovers with every sip. On the HEINEMANN online store you can buy premium rosés, from world-famous wineries or the vintages of young innovators.

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Purchase rosé at HEINEMANN: the perfect harmony for the eye and palate

What is the secret behind rosé and how are the characteristic pink hues formed? The basis for the production of rosé is always red grapes. Some of these grapes are blended with white grapes, to achieve the characteristic light red coloured wine. This is, however, only one of many possible variants. Very bright rosé wines, which are often referred to as white autumns, arise by fermenting blue grape varieties without their peels. The pressing of blue grapes over the mash is also one of several manufacturing methods for rosé wine. There is no difference in quality between the various methods but it is rather up to personal taste. On the HEINEMANN online store you will find a diverse selection of excellent rosés from various growing regions. A Miraval rosé will excite your senses with delicate pink tones and the most discerning taste of citrus fruits and raspberries. When it comes to Domaines Ott, you will find accents of cherry, blackberry and grapefruit. HEINEMANN’s rosé wines are available in a wide range of categories. Discover the sophisticated produce from the wineries of Guy Saget, Frescobaldi and Finca Museum. You will find the perfect rosé for any occasion.

Refined rosés: wonderful harmony can be found with a range of combinations

With its delicate fresh flavours a rosé is perfect for the summer. It serves as a great companion for a light meal or to be enjoyed on a warm summer evening as an aperitif on the terrace. Taste an exclusive Château d'Esclans from HEINEMANN’s online store on one of these wonderful occasions. This rosé is airy and cheerful, with harmonious flavours and hints of flowers and wild fruits. For a celebratory occasion or a banquet, a Bassermann-Jordan from Pfalz or a rosé from the house of Antinori is highly recommended. The dry notes of these wines perfectly accompany gourmet food. Choose from the wide range of rosé wines on the HEINEMANN online store and take advantage of the pre-order service which means that your shopping will always be ready in the shop at the airport in time for your departure and can be picked up when you pass by on your way to the gate.

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