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Find the perfect champagne on the HEINEMANN online store: exclusive sparkling wine of exquisite taste

Champagne is a classic for every special occasion. The bubbling nectar is perfect when used for a toast as it invites and spoils the palate and nose in such an elegant way. Even Prosecco, Crémant or Cava stand for vitality and a touch of luxury. On the online store of HEINEMANN you can find an array of affordably priced exclusive champagnes and first-class sparkling wine. With so many classically elegant well-known European brands, there is so much to enjoy.

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Lively sharpness and fruity aromas add to the overall appeal of sparkling wine

The foundation for a sparkling wine is called the base wine. This should have, at best, a stable tartness and be rather dry. The base wine must continue to mature in peace and thereby deliver its full range of complex flavours. In the production of cuvée sparkling wines several different base wines are combined. For the characteristic tingling of champagne a solution of sugar and yeast is added to the mature base wine, this causes a second fermentation in the wine. Due to the natural fermentation process the wine develops carbonic acid and this becomes the fine bubbling that every connoisseur loves. Depending on the quality and varieties of the base wine, the specific manufacturing processes and the maturity or fermentation of the sparkling wine can lead to completely different taste sensations that will delight the palate. The Italian Cantine Ferrari, presented in the HEINEMANN assortment, has fresh, fruity notes, which mingle with the flavours of wild flowers. The Bottega Gold Prosecco Spumante is a particularly sophisticated brand of Prosecco that offers glamourous hints of citrus, apples and pears. One of the special hallmarks of this notable sparkling wine, which is often served as an aperitif or with light appetisers, is the lush foam with which it flows into the champagne flute.

Purchase luxurious champagne from HEINEMANN: tingling emotion and a touch of lightness

With a sparkling wine as an aperitif or as a cocktail ingredient, a celebratory occasion is sure to get an extra special touch. Of course, the selected sparkling wines should be of the highest quality. High-quality sparkling wine does not need to be expensive. One example of this is the Petalo Vino dell'Amore Bottega which has clearly recognisable nuances of rose. The exclusivity of this fine wine is undeniable and at the same time it is quite affordable. The same applies to the Crémant de Loire by Bouvet-Ladubay which has hints of dried fruit and light smoky notes. It is a perfect choice for sparkling wine lovers and all those who want to splurge for a special occasion. Let yourself be inspired by the wide range of goods available on the HEINEMANN online store and discover modern and classic sparkling wines for those extra special moments.

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